Pastoral Care

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Essential to successful learning is feeling safe and secure enough to ask questions, express opinions and play freely. The Blackfriars’ Pastoral Care Program contributes to a safe learning environment, complemented by a safe campus.

Teachers, in cooperation with parents, develop relationships with students built on trust. Through interaction in the classroom and less formal encounters, teachers develop a clear understanding of each student’s needs. The Pastoral Care Program then adapts to support each student to realise his full potential, achieve self-awareness and self-confidence.

In Year 7, our students are allocated to one of eight Houses that comprise approximately 100 students from Year 7 to Year 12 with elected Student Leaders and assigned Home Group Teachers. Here, students are encouraged to meet and interact with students from other year levels and become involved in inter-House activities that encourage co-operation and friendly competition Home Group teachers work closely with students to provide academic and personal support and advice about subjects and careers, together with Student Counsellors who assist students with specific personal matters.

Blackfriars encourages parents and friends to participate in school life and co-curricular activities. Through events and functions a stronger sense of community is built and then maintained beyond the formal years of education. Grandparents are also honoured at the annual Grandparents/Carers Day and the Father/Son Mentor Day is a much-anticipated event in the Year 10 calendar.

House System



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House System

Pastoral Care at Blackfriars is structured in a manner which means that each student has a unique relationship with one teacher. In the Middle and Senior Schools we operate a vertical House system with the student remaining with the Home Group Teacher as he moves through the Secondary School. This enables the Home Group Teacher to not only monitor his progress across the years but also to give the boy a sense of security and continuity. Students meet in a vertically structured group at the beginning of each day. These groups contain approximately 20 boys of various ages from Year 7 to Year 12.