Dominican 4 Pillars

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Lo-Res Blackfriars Pillars-82a.jpg

Our Founder and Patron

Dominic de Guzmán, born in about 1170, set at an early age to study and prepare for the priesthood. While a student of theology in Palencia, Spain, he witnessed a famine that devastated the local population. Impacted by this tragedy, the young Dominic sold his valuable books and other assets and used the money to assist the poor.

He remained committed to his studies throughout his life, deepening his understanding of God’s creation. He used this knowledge in establishing the Order of Preachers – the Dominicans - whose mission would be to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ.

An early member of the Dominicans was Albert of Lauinge – a 13th century lecturer, scientist, philosopher and bishop. At his canonisation, St Albert the Great was recognised as a Doctor of the Church in acknowledgement of his extraordinary genius.

Today, Dominicans can be found throughout the world in many educational institutions preaching the Good News. The lifelong commitment of St Dominic and St Albert to discovering Truth and passing it on to others remains at the heart of the pedagogy of Blackfriars Priory School.


  • Spiritual lives of students, staff and families
  • Catholic faith within the Dominican tradition
  • Personal responsibility and self-discipline in healthy and life giving relationships


  • Education for boys to meet specific needs and prepare for an ever-changing world
  • Love of learning in each community member
  • Each community member reaches their full potential


  • Individual self-esteem and integrity within a caring School community
  • Ethic of service to the community
  • Democracy, social justice and environmental awareness


  • Knowledge-centred search for God in daily lives
  • Search for truth or Veritas as embodied in Dominican motto
  • School policies that reflect genuine solidarity with the poor and disadvantaged