Wingman Magazine

Wingman Magazine.jpg

The Wingman magazine was produced by the students involved in the Journalism and Enterprise Program. 

Congratulations to the following students who produced this magazine for boys aged 13 to 18 years: Thomas O’Donnell, Thomas Glancy,  Charlie Dubois, Jebin Thomas, Ben Santos, Nathaniel Preece, David Calleja and Kabir Handa. They worked tirelessly and were inspirational during the research and production phase.

A thank you is also extended to the mentors who supported the students on their journey:

  • Daniel Balacco
  • Matthew Emerick
  • Tom Zed
  • Rebecca DiGirolamo
  • Adam Troyn
  • Peter Fear
  • Vanessa Salamone

The boys outlined on page 1 and 2 of The Wingman Magazine the reasons for its publication. Their market research revealed there was no magazine available for boys in this age group and this was an opportunity to provide support for their peers and inform on adolescent issues. An excerpt from the magazine is below:

‘The Wingman’ is designed to be a valuable source of solidarity, support and understanding. The Wingman in our magazine can be the voice of reason, a listener, social support or an expert on a topic. The Wingman magazine is a friend that will lead you through life’s challenges and open up opportunities that can be explored further. You will be entertained, informed, persuaded and supported. People tend to just forget about teenagers and assume that we will be fine by ourselves. But sometimes we just need a bit more than that; we need somebody or more importantly something that we can relate to. That’s the aim, that’s the goal. Teenage life will never be easy, but we want to help make it easier for you as you journey through school and beyond. Boys need love, compassion and support just as much as girls do.