2016 Year 12 Results


Blackfriars Priory School community is extremely proud of the academic achievements of the 2016 Year 12 students. Their exceptional results are a testament to their hard work, diligence and sacrifice. We congratulate each student on their achievements and wish all the graduates of 2016 every success for the future. Importantly we also recognise their achievements in the arts, sport, music, co-curricular activities and social justice pursuits. Their engagement in broader school life is commendable and the hallmark of a Dominican education.

Within the Year 12 cohort, 132 (99%) students gained their South Australian Certificate of Education. The Highest ATAR achieved was 99.65 by Jimmy Vo followed by Nicholas Giannopoulos who gained 99.55.

The success achieved by our students has been across a range of disciplines, allowing each student to use their unique gifts and talents to achieve their personal best.

While the pursuit of excellence is important, the school encourages students to believe in themselves, live the truth and embrace the many different learning opportunities that life provides. All of the above statistics only tell part of the story of our 2016 Graduating Class. As important in their story is the quality of their character development whilst at School and the values they display as young men of integrity and humility in a rapidly changing world.

We implore our boys to take the values they have witnessed and lived at Blackfriars Priory School and use the interconnectedness of knowledge to become the great leaders of tomorrow.

I express my gratitude to all staff for their commitment and professionalism and to the families for their support and guidance that have enabled the Year 12 students to achieve their personal and academic aspirations.

Congratulations to the 2016 Year 12 students and as a Dominican family we wish them all the best in the future.

Mrs Anna Mirasgentis
Deputy Principal ELC - 12