Laureate Assembly


Today we celebrated the outstanding academic achievements of our 2017 graduating class at the annual Blackfriars Priory School Laureate Assembly.

Also recognised during the ceremony were award winners from across the Middle and Senior years in 2017 along with scholarship recipients for 2018.

Following is the Principal's Address to this morning's gathering.

Welcome to all staff & students to our Laureate Assembly today.

A Special welcome to our recent Old Collegians, Yr 12 students from 2017 and parents/families who have walked the journey with their sons over 13 years of education.

Today is a special day when we recognise and celebrate the “effort and achievement” of our students in 2017 from Year 7-12 and acknowledge our Yr. 12 students who achieved an ATAR of 90+ in their SACE results and the 5 students who achieved a SACE merit certificate. Our heartiest congratulations to Tam Tran, Dux of Blackfriars for 2017 with an outstanding ATAR of 99.25. On behalf of Blackfriars School Community, congratulations to all of you for your efforts & outstanding results---best wishes as you begin your post school learning journey, many of you beginning University studies this week.

John Donne, 16th English Century poet wrote, “No man is an island entire unto himself”. I hope you recognise that your success is a product of your individual gifts and talents, your hard work and endeavour but very much a product of the support you have received from your families and your school, Blackfriars.  Your teachers, fellow students and the community of Blackfriars has provided you with a myriad of opportunities & support for you to grow and develop into the fine young man you are today. Many schools can provide a narrow academic education---Blackfriars provides for the development of the whole person with the skills, capabilities and personal attributes that you will need in the complex world you are entering in 2018 and beyond.

We live in an age of individualism, a world where individuals are often preoccupied by themselves and their individual progress. In the tradition of St Dominic, St Albert the Great and St Thomas Aquinas, I encourage you to use your considerable intellect and gifts for Study to contribute in Service to others in our community, to make a positive difference in the world. In other words, “Be a man for others”.

Australian of the Year, Professor of Physics at the University of New South Wales, Michelle Simmons has dedicated her life to Science and Technology to improve life for people. With her colleagues, Professor Simmons has built a quantum computer so advanced it can solve complex medical, scientific and technical problems in minutes that would otherwise take thousands of years.

This year's Senior Australian of the Year, biophysicist Dr Graham Farquhar has dedicated his life to people through food security and feeding the world's population. Eddie Woo, Young Australian Local Hero of the Year has dedicated his life to teaching young people to achieve in the field of Mathematics overcoming the fear of mathematics.

Who knows what your personal contribution to the world will be. I hope, that formed in the Dominican tradition of the Four Pillars of Prayer, Study, Service and Community you will make your unique contribution to making a positive difference by following your dreams, achieving your goals and living a happy and successful life. Best wishes for your future and welcome to the Blackfriars Alumni community.