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Image: Blackfriars Priory School old scholars join our Year 10 students for a question and answer panel at UniSA during Industry Week. 

Industry Week
This week, all Year 10 students attended various universities and TAFESA as part of Industry Week which focussed on future pathways of for our students beyond school.

Flinders University Tonsley and TAFESA
On Tuesday they went on excursion to Flinders University and participated in a number of structured workshops and tours across the TAFESA campus and the Flinders University Campus at Tonsley.

All students visiting the TAFESA campus at Tonsley were given a tour of the facility. Students toured the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Bricklaying
  • Tiling
  • Refrigeration
  • Electrical
  • Sign writing
  • Painting

The TAFE lecturer spoke to the students about the various courses and what is involved in each course. Students were given the opportunity to see the work that is produced in the various courses and what the expectations were for jobs/careers in the various areas.

Following the TAFE tour, students had the opportunity to visit Flinders Tonsley building where they could visit the different engineering areas. Students were able to see examples of biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering and the impacts that each of these have on people lives.

Students were also involved in interactive workshops and these enabled the students to access and use the University resources. The workshops that the students were involved in were:

A Circuit of Circuits
In this workshop, students explored a range of fundamental electronics concepts by working in teams to construct a variety of small circuits. Topics introduced include series vs parallel circuits, logic gates, graphite and resistance.

Serious Games App Development
Serious Gaming is an area of research that looks at how we can harness the benefits of computer games for more serious purposes, such as education and health. Students use a primarily visual interface to develop their own Android app aimed at improving and maintaining users' cognitive functioning, such as memory.

University of South Australia
Students were given the opportunity to attend City West campus where they were given an introduction to the My Career Match resource, which enables students to answer some in depth questions which helps them understand their learning style and the careers/courses that might be suited to their personality type.

All students were involved in a City West campus tour followed by a question and answer panel consisting of old scholars of Blackfriars Priory School. The Year 10 students were able to ask the students questions from the following old scholars:

  • Joseph Monteleone (2015) Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
  • Peter Kollis (2015) Bachelor of Exercise Physiology
  • William Mack (2016)
  • Charlie Dubois (2016) Bachelor or Urban and Regional Planning

Students were then split into groups and attended either:

  • Law Workshop
  • Commerce Workshop
  • Art, Architecture and Design Workshop
  • Interactive Health Sciences tour at City East campus.

University of Adelaide
The University of Adelaide hosted our Year 10 students on Thursday with campus tours and a variety of workshops.

The Sciences area created a workshop called ‘So much for cob’ where the students were able to learn about the cellular structure of plants. Using specific biological techniques and microscopes in their state of the art teaching labs, students were able to section, stain and view their own fresh plant tissue.

The Arts created a workshop called ‘What is crime and who is the criminal?’ This introduced criminology to students and the various ways in which we think about and respond to crime and deviance as a society. In unpacking criminology, students needed to first consider what is meant by the term "crime", and so they examined various perceived social problems and acts of deviance and to think critically about how we identify, govern and respond to these issues. They were then able to work in groups to consider the process of criminalisation and what this means in terms of who we consider to be the "criminal" and how they become so.

The Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences department created a workshop called ‘Unexpected Lines.’ In this workshop, students learnt about a Greek called Pappus who discovered an amazing arrangement of lines. Nothing happened for the next 1,300 years until the 16 year old Blaise Pascal discovered an even more amazing arrangement! Everyone thought his dad had found it. But no, it was young Blaise who went on to invent all sorts of things. In this session they learnt about what they found and more besides. There are always new things to find.

The faculty of Professions created a workshop called ‘Space Mining: Law and Outer Space.’ This activity considered the application of laws to outer space and, in particular, addressed the recent laws enacted in the US to enable mining of asteroids. Students learnt about international and domestic law and will then they conducted a mock United Nations meeting to consider the validity of domestic laws permitting mining on the moon, on asteroids and on Mars.

The faculty of Professions also hosted a second workshop called ‘Trading Simulation.’ This Enabled students to put into practice the theories learnt in class through experiments within a simulated market environment and encouraged them to be involved in directly researching their own ideas relative to competing theoretical explanations.

I would like to thank all the staff for their support through Industry Week and attending the various university and TAFESA workshops. Without the support of staff, excursions and experiences like this cannot be as successful as what they have been.

Mrs Daniela Piteo
Senior Student Services and Pathways Coordinator