Fee restructure for Junior Primary classes from 2020


Prospect Catholic boys’ school, Blackfriars, has announced a restructure of fees for students in the first years of Primary School.  The decision, ratified by the school board at its July meeting, will see the introduction of a simplified flat tuition fee across the first three years of school and includes reductions to current tuition fees of 25% at Reception and 33% at Year 1 and Year 2.

The change means Junior Primary families will save between $ 1,187 and $ 1,784 per student in 2020.

Another component of the restructure sees the waiving of any enrolment fees for boys who move into Reception from the school’s award-winning co-educational Early Learning Centre.  A further saving to families of $ 400 per student.

Discounts already available to families with boys and girls in other Catholic schools will be doubled as another key part of the announcement.

Blackfriars Principal, Mr Simon Cobiac, announced the restructure in a letter emailed to families this week.  “It is my hope that these measures will be well received by our community in difficult economic times and provide savings to the family budget whilst ensuring the continuation of the highest quality education and care of your son at Blackfriars,” Mr Cobiac said.

Mr Cobiac, now in his third year as Principal at the 66-year-old school on Prospect Road, indicated in his letter that further fee announcements would be made relating to other year levels once the school’s 2020 Fee Schedule was ratified by the school board at its October meeting.

This week’s announcement follows on from a number of significant initiatives coming out of Blackfriars over past six months including:

> Construction of a $10 million STEM and Senior Secondary Centre to commence in the second half of 2019;

> A recommitment to boys’ education, underpinned by joining the International Boys’ Schools Coalition;

> Capping of school size at 805 boys (205 Primary (Reception to Year 6) + 600 Secondary (Years 7 to 12));

> The introduction of a specialist Ax (Academic Extension) Academy program, focused on developing STEM and employability skills through links with industry;

> The addition of a specialist AFL Academy program, supported by the North Adelaide Football Club, to the school’s long-established and highly successful Soccer Academy; and

> Expansion of the school’s International Students’ Program to 50 boys by 2023 supported by membership of StudyAdelaide and the Adelaide Independent Schools’ Alliance.

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2018 Laureate Address


Mr Cobiac, Staff, Students, Guests, and 2018 Graduates,

When I joined Blackfriars for my first year in 2014, I never would’ve pictured myself in the position that I am in right now. It blows my mind that five years have already passed, and I am able to be up here by such a small margin. I am extremely grateful to see that my hard work and dedication have paid off to this extent. I am also pleased to be joined by the class of 2018 today; congratulations on your results. And to Alessandro and Randula; you guys deserve to be on this stage as much as I do.

Year 12 went by extremely fast as deadlines kept pouring in. This made it hard to see the year for what it actually was; it was seen for mainly the result in the end. Although this number determines what you can study in university, it is important to recognise that the ATAR does not make you who you are. I ended up choosing a uni course that requires an ATAR of 80, which, for some reason, is so surprising to people. It is a course I feel like I am really going to succeed in and I feel compelled to pursue it. So why did I aim so high? I didn’t need to, but I did it anyway. I did it to prove myself. To show that I can do it and I will do it. And I did it to beat my brother, the dux of 2017. School was like a competition to me, where a good ATAR was my motivating factor to do well. It was long term goal which encouraged me to try my hardest. By pushing myself in Year 12, I was able to stimulate growth in a social and academic sense. I essentially became a better version of myself. By the end of the year, I had formed new relationships with peers and teachers and strengthened existing ones. Looking back, my ATAR was just the by-product of my journey at Blackfriars.

To me, doing well academically in my final year came down to being prepared and knowing my potential. Before entering Year 12, I was open to advice from Year 12 students and teachers. This provided me with a sense of direction throughout the year, as if I had already experienced it and I knew where I was going. I do not regret trying my best each year and taking the time to go the extra mile just to have a nice set of letters in my report. It often felt like time sacrificed for nothing, but really, that was time spent learning more about myself. When I started Year 12, I knew what I was capable of and I knew that I was going to do well. I also knew that I didn’t have to give up the things I enjoy. So, in Year 12 I continued doing sports, going out with friends and procrastinating with computer games and YouTube videos (I probably would have done a lot better if I did give up the games and videos though). But, I am not saying that Year 12 will be easy, in fact, I don’t think I would’ve done so well on my own.

I really owe a lot to Blackfriars. From Year 8 through to year 12, I had always been privileged with great teachers. This is the perfect opportunity for me to say thank you, not just to the ones that have taught me, but to all teachers at Blackfriars. Because, teaching is a challenge. Sometimes the effort put in just doesn’t pay off. However, when it does pay off, the result is something beautiful. It’s called learning. As a part of their profession, teachers are always committed to and making sacrifices for the sake of learning. I also need to give a big shout out to the support staff. Most of the work they do is behind the scenes, so it often goes unnoticed. I believe they are more than deserving of some recognition.

I also have so much to give back to my family. From a young age, my parents have always wanted me to succeed in school. I am extremely pleased that I could make this a reality for them, but I can never thank them enough for everything they have done for me. I would also like to thank my older brother, Tam, for laying out the path for me throughout school and being my main source of pressure to do well.

And last but not least, to my friends, the class of 2018, thank you for making my image of Blackfriars one that’s full of cherished moments and new experiences. Thank you for making my time at Blackfriars unforgettable.

To the current students, I’d like to say, make the most out of your time at school because it will go by faster than you think. I hope you all have a wonderful 2019.

Thank you.

Duy Minh Vu Tran
Class of 2018

School Newsletter - Term 1 | Week 2


Keep up to date with all the news from Blackfriars with our latest newsletter.

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From the Principal


Dear Families and Community of Blackfriars Priory School,

Blessings for Christmas 2017

May we remember the coming of the Christ Child this Christmas.

In our School and in our lives, we are challenged to bring about the kingdom He proclaimed.

May you and your families be richly blessed at this holy time.

May the holidays provide a time for rest, recovery, fun, joy and reflection.

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2018 Primary School Enrolments


Limited vacancies are available for Reception, Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6 in 2018. Please contact the Registrar for further details. 

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Visit of the Provincial Council of the Province of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea)

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Blackfriars Priory School celebrated St Dominic’s Day on Thursday 3 August, although the official date to celebrate the feast of St Dominic in the Church calendar is Tuesday, 8 August. The reason for our change of date was a clash with the feast day of our first Australian Saint, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, also celebrated on Tuesday 8 August.

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Naplan Online


Naplan Online will take place at Blackfriars beginning Week 2 of Term 2. Please access these documents if you would like to know more. Additional information will be sent home in reports at the end of this term.

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2016 Year 12 Results


Blackfriars Priory School community is extremely proud of the academic achievements of the 2016 Year 12 students. Their exceptional results are a testament to their hard work, diligence and sacrifice. We congratulate each student on their achievements and wish all the graduates of 2016 every success for the future. Importantly we also recognise their achievements in the arts, sport, music, co-curricular activities and social justice pursuits. Their engagement in broader school life is commendable and the hallmark of a Dominican education.

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2017 Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect


It is with great privilege that I announce the Head Prefect for 2017 is Joshua Santillana and the Deputy Head Prefect is Zachary Dalton. I Congratulate Joshua and Zach on being elected by their peers to these leadership roles. They have been recognised for their personal leadership characteristics of intelligence, integrity, discipline, courage, self-sufficiency and confidence.

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