Primary School

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When I grow up, I’m going to be a scientist, sports star, teacher, astronaut, fireman, doctor, dinosaur … I want to be a superhero who will help people. At Blackfriars, we aim to instill in our boys the confidence to be all that but more importantly, to first have the confidence to be themselves.

Blackfriars Primary School provides a nurturing, student-centred learning environment for the critical years of a boy’s educational, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development. It offers a diverse, challenging, and creative curriculum to develop boys’ capabilities to live and participate in a digital and global society.

Primary School students are offered specialised subjects including Art, Music, Science and Physical Education with additional teacher support available in areas including Literacy, Numeracy, Learning Enrichment and English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Testing at the beginning and end of the year allows us to track the educational needs of the boys and measure the improvements gained in a calendar year.

Our staff pride themselves getting to know each boy’s interests through our Pastoral Care program.This program includes the opportunity to mix with boys and teachers from the Middle and Senior Schools through the vertical House Group structure. Teachers are involved in the boys’ extra-curricular activities including school camps starting in Year 4. Regular communication with families about their boys and upcoming events provides a crucial link to home and supports the partnership between families and school.

The Primary School buildings provide indoor and outdoor learning areas for active boys who need space to move, think and do. The classrooms have an abundance of natural light, contemporary teaching equipment, secure access to the latest information and communication technologies and access to a safe and sun-sheltered play area.


Primary School Curriculum

R-6 Overview

  • Religion 
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  •  History and Geography
  • Health
  • Visual Art
  • Drama (integrated across curriculum)
  • Information and Communication Technologies (integrated across curriculum) 

Specialist Teaching and Support

  • Physical Education (Full year)
  • Japanese (Full year)
  • Music (Full year)
  • Visual Art (One Semester)
  • Teacher Librarian
  • Learning Enrichment
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Reading Recovery
  • English as a Second Language
Primary School Curriculum