Performing Arts

New Performing Arts Theatre Development

Our new Performing Arts Theatre will be a versatile stage space area with retractable seating for up to 150 audience members. The Theatre space will be mainly set up in a Proscenium Arch stage setting where the audio and visual control booth can be accessed behind the tiered seating. However, the seating can electronically retract back and the stage can be used as a large bare area with lighting and sound access points located on prompt and opposite prompt sides of the stage. This makes this Performance area versatile for any type of stage setting including; cabaret performances and theatre in the round where the audience will have different experiences according to where they view the action.

The Performing Arts Theatre will include masking curtains and a cyclorama where lighting and shadows can be projected to create interesting theatrical possibilities and effects. It will have a mixture of traditional lighting and some LED movable lighting where students can learn about the modern equipment used in theatres today. This space will also include an impressive surround sound system and a retractable screen will be permanently installed for the visual aspects to performance which will be effective in this blackout setting. The centre will be equipped with a Green Room and costume and props storage area. While this will be the home to the drama program, the theatre will have multiple uses across the whole school, hosting a variety of educational and community activities.

Site plans are available below.

New Performing Arts Theatre Development

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