School Bus Services

NEW School Bus Services in 2020

Blackfriars will introduce two dedicated school bus services from the start of 2020.

North-West Route (am/pm service)
Taperoo > Semaphore > West Lakes > St Clair > Woodville > Croydon > Bowden / Brompton > Blackfriars

North-East Route (am/pm service)
Paradise Interchange > Windsor Gardens > Oakden > Northgate > Lightsview > Greenacres > Broadview > Blackfriars

Ticket Prices

Financial modelling for the introduction of the new services has been based on students travelling at current metroCARD student concession prices (refer for details).

Access to Services

Current, future and prospective families are invited to express their interest in using the new bus services by completing the registration of interest form below. If you have more than one son, please complete a separate registration for each.

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