Enrolment Process

We invite you to submit an Enrolment Application Form at any time, along with a copy of your child's birth certificate, recent school report (if applicable) and the application fee (non-refundable). Once we receive the completed application, we will send you a letter confirming its receipt.

For further details about the enrolment process at Blackfriars Priory School, please refer to this link: 

Enrolment Process
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Book a Principal's Tour

Blackfriars Priory School Pricnipal, Mr Simon Cobiac, hosts tours of the school throughout the year. Each tour takes approximately 1 hour.

To register for a Principal's Tour, please contact our Registrar, Mrs Joanna Rossi, on (08) 8169 3954 or complete the Online Registration Form. 

The dates of the Tours and the Online Registration Form are available at this link:

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Download Enrolment Information Package

You may view and download our Enrolment Information Pack (includes the Enrolment Application Form) or request one to be sent to you.

The documents in our Enrolment Information Pack and the Online Enquiry Form can be accessed at this link:

Download Enrolment Information Package
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There are a variety of Scholarships available at various year levels. We invite you to discuss your son’s eligibility for these Scholarships with our Registrar, Mrs Joanna Rossi.

Further details about each of the Scholarships and the opening/closing dates are available at this link: ​